bath bombs diy


                           DIY BATH BOMBS 





Everybody loves bath bombs. There is nothing better than feeling like you are taking a bath in bubbling champagne, while listing in music and taking time out for yourself.

Bath balms are fairly simple to make, but sometimes the strangest things can make a batch go weird.   They are effected by humidity, room temperature, oil viscosity.  Or perhaps you horoscope is in a new moon.

So, let’s start with a basic recipe in two parts.

Dry ingredients

Baking Soda   – just under 1 cup

slightly heaping 1/2 cup  epson salts  

citric  acid   ½ cup

corn starch    ¾ cup

 wet ingredients 

1 Table spoon water 

3 Tablesoons oil  ( almond oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil,  coconut oil, olive oil)

20-30 drops of essential oils

3-5 drops of coloring  ( food coloring –dry is best)


Where to get your  ingredients


Baking soda can be purchased at your local market but the best place I found was at canned food warehouse or at Cash and carry.  bath


Epson salts can be purchased at your local dollar tree, grocery store or on line at amazon. bath


CITRIC ACID   HAS BEEN THE MOST DIFFICULT   Sometimes during the canning season you can find it at you local Walmart  if you are in a hurry to get it. 

I have heard of people opening up the little lemon crystal light packages and using them. 

I have mixed 1/3 lemon and two thirds water into a spay bottle and have used that for citric acid ( but it adds a lot of moisture )   The best  sources that I found is amazon and shipping is free. 




 CORN STARCH the same as baking soda




Amazon  carry more oils than you can imagine and their pricing is beyond belief.   Check them out here.  Over 50 types of oil 







Go Here for a chart on how different essence oil heal and benefit you. .





bath      pigment color found at amazon  


The amazon store carries every thing you need at their site.  They have good qualify and huge selection go here to get what you need.


This is one of many video you will find online to assist you in your new adventure.  Bath Bombs are truly easy and very fun to make.




As you make more and more bath balms you will get this down to suit you.  Some of the things that I found that helped me along the way was to add a few drops of water at a time.  Make sure you keep stirring your ingredients.  Watch your moisture content as if it gets to wet it becomes more chalky.


For molds I have found the best type is plastic candy molds you have to make sure you pack it as tight as you can.  Amazon makes perfect plactic molds for 3 d.    Check out your local supermarket that has a bakery.  The plastic carriers that they put the small cup cakes or cookies in makes perfects molds also.bath







Michael also carries soap molds that are perfect.


 I hope you enjoy this diy bath balm instruction guide.    If you would like to get more emails or other informational blogs sign up on the right side.  Please feel free to also leave any suggestions that you have.