BBQ shed

When I saw this BBQ shed on facebook I became so enthused. It is such a great idea and even though you may not be able to get this model you can have one and make it your own.  Amazon carries so many thing that it is unlimited to what you can explore.  Watch the utube below and get excited.





As I started exploring different ideas for the basic shed I found out on Amazon free to download was

12,000 shed plans



When I read over the review it seamed like there were lots of review that stated the difficulty of this product so I kept looking.


and behold this is what I found.  Look at these wonderful wood sheds that you can purchase through amazon they are so cute and you certainly can use your imagination and adapt any of these cute sheds to create your very own bbq shed.

sheds shed shed shed shed


The very next thing that I did I looked for bbq, and bbq patio sets that would work for me.  They have a multitude of choices to choose from. There were lots to choose from and from lots of different companies.



shedshed shedshed shed

This is only a few of the products available. As you can see you can either purchase a whole set up or you can pick and generate your own Ideas of that ultimate bbq shed.



Here are some ideas on seating that I added to this blog to share with you. Even though they don’t pull out through the wall you can mount them to the wall.  .  shed shedWhen you look at these two tables at amazon.  The one on the right folds up and can be hung on the wall.  The table on the right is light weight and is one piece.  So it can easily be carried.






I found additional coolers, there were so many to choose from and so many Ideas to go with weather you were trying to do a theme or go hodge podge.   shedshed





The Idea of being able to bring your grill outside and know it was going to be convenient to use and have the prep area inside with space to put your condiments and such a great idea.

I researched many ideas on what to use for a pull out system for my stove and mini frig.  The ideas I came up with was to put  the bbq patio set on a thick piece of plywood with the lip hanging over on both sides.  Then attach wheels onto the thick plywood in front. In the floor of the shed indent into the plywood far enough to place some marbles so they are stationary but can rotate. Marble should be about 1/2 way into the plywood.  Take some channel and attach it to the shed floor. It should be the width of the plywood.  The channel should be wide enough to fit the plywood and 1/2 of the marble.  Therefore this will allow you to move your sheet of plywood in and out of your shed.

In addition I found this site that may be modified to make a pull out platform. 


The final thing that I found was a much needed awning.  shed

Awntech 8-Feet Maui-LX Left Motor with Remote Retractable Acrylic Awning, 84-Inch Projection,

  • Heavy duty motorized awning (Manual Override) With Remote Operation
  • Multi chamber stainless steel cabled lateral arms and adjustable pitch
  • Structural steel and aluminum frame, powder coated in white
  • 100% solution dyed and rust, fade and mildew resistant acrylic fabric
  • 5 Year limited warranty

37 colors


I hope that you enjoy designing and making your very own bbq shed.  If you would like to comment or want future update on other products sign up on the right.