What crafts do you enjoy there are so many to choose from.  Crafting has become more than a side entertainment.  It is so enjoyable and there are a multitude of crafters out there.  There are so many mediums to explore fabric, metal, paper, leather ect.  Millions of diy projects and ideas.  One can never stop learning.  There are thousands of magazines, diy books, and videos.



Everybody loves bath bombs. There is nothing better than feeling like you are taking a bath in bubbling craftschampagne, while listing in music and taking time out for yourself.  It is unlimited the amount of shapes textures and designs that you are able to create.  In a short amount of time you will be pro.  Go here to the instruction guide to see how easy it really is and where you can get the best materials at the best price.




If you hobby requires a lot of materials such as  sewing, leather work, embossing ect… this organizer is perfect for you.   It is so easy to make.   It only requires a use of a drill and a few materials. There is so many different ways to make it your own.



Gemini by Crafter’s Companion Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

This is a must have machine weather you are a leather, fabric, or scrapbook crafter.  Gemini is able to cut and emboss on leather, fabric, metal, balsawood.


 It is able to emboss a pattern right on to your craft project.    It is  automatic powered no more hand cranking.  This machine comes with three simple options power, forward-reverse and pause.



Quilling to your style

Even better, there’s probably no need to shop for supplies before you try quilling, as a bamboo skewer, round toothpick, or even a cake tester from your kitchen drawer can serve as a substitute tool.  If you find that you enjoy this creative form of art amazon has every thing you need in the form of tools, supplies, kits and books.   With prices and sales you wont believe.   It is unlimited what they have to offer take a look at some of them here.


We can no longer state we make crafts it has developed beyond that.  We are artist that design and create.  Our designs are displayed around the world in museums, stores, and in our homes.  There is so much to learn and share with you.  Please enjoy as we begin.