diy portable craft station





If you hobby requires a lot of materials such as  sewing, leather work, embossing ect… this organizer is perfect for you.   It is so easy to make.   It only requires a use of a drill and a few materials. There is so many different ways to make it your own.

For many years after setting up my crafting space  I needed to move it. We moved or the kids moved home.   Each time I would box all my crafting supplies up and move them.  They would stay boxed up until I had time to reorganize them.   Now all I  have to do is wrap my upper display items with seran wrap and push it to its next home.




Too start you need to have a Whitmor adjustable 2 rod garment rack  the one that states  Rack width is adjustable from 36.25″ to 60″.  I got mine from amazon and of course I had to have  two of them.  It is so perfect because it can adjust to allow you to also have additional hanging space along the side for items you are working on or for additional fabric or supplies.  Amazon offers free shipping and it arrives fast.




The next step will require a drill with a small drill bit.  You will need to mark the out side of the top side rails evenly with a permanent marker and drill holes vertical  through your side posts.  You will need to decide what width you would like your rails  apart and of course that depends on your craft item sizes.


Once you have gotten your holes drilled you will need to insert your  Panacea Plant supports , It will require the ones 36 inchers long.  Order at least 24 of them.   I find that I can use them for so many craft items such as ribbon, lace, and thread.  craft




There are a variety of choices for  clips.  For the wider bars you might choose a  package or two of  36 Pack Heavy Duty Nickel Plated Metal Curtain Rings with Clips Hooks   to hang your items with  for the upper and middle bars that are wider.



For the narrow runner you have installed you will need smaller clips.  Yueton 60 pcs metal hooks provide a large number of hooks at a great price.


these clips will work you may have to adjust them.  I have found it the past these clips that has swivels but they were more expensive and as you see I required quite a few of them.