It is such a relief to know that one can actually use a discount prescription card and take it to the pharmacy and get a discount for medications for your pets.  Next time you contact your vet ask if the medications that your pet takes is also  a human prescription.   If so,  you will be able to purchase your pets medication at the pharmacy.

The card that I use is GOODrx

Sample Savings with GoodRx

Once you reach the site enter your medication name and it will tell you if they can provide you with  a discount for this medication and what the cost is at your local pharmacies.  Print the coupon take it to the pharmacy they will keep the GOODRX information on file and each time you need a new medication or a refill they will give your pet the discount.


Prices and coupons for 30 tablets of meloxicam 15mg on the GOODrx web site .

You will be able to see and compare cost at several pharmacies in your zip code area.  It is so easy to check and compare.  See below which pharmacy offers you the best deal. This is the cost you would pay with the coupon for this prescription.

Fred Meyer Pharmacy   $4.00
Safeway  $7.85
Rite-Aid  $9.99
Walgreens  $10.00
Yesterday when I went to the Pharmacy I asked the clerk how much I saved on the prescription of tramadol she told me $91.00 you just cant beat that.

Prices at on line pet supplies



Rx Info  $0.57  per.7.5 mg   total cost of $34.20   

The vet office is very willing to write you a prescription for your pets medication needs and are willing to contact the pharmacy for refills.  Usually the pharmacy can  beat the vets price. Sometimes the vet office is willing to discount their cost also.

Go online to  and print a coupon  and then take the prescription coupon  to the pharmacy and give it to the pharmacy to get your pets medications.

Once you get one prescription  for your pet at the pharmacy they keep the drug prescription card information on  file and you will be able to continue the savings with new prescriptions and refills.