Ifetch-ball chaser for dogs




 Ifetch is the best toy for your pet

ifetch ifetches ifetch

Your dog will be in high anticipation of what to expect.  This toy will keep  your dog excited and at alert. The fun for your dog just escalates with each new level.  Dogs have so much fun chasing the ball and once they return it  the game starts all over again.

 You see them in the stores, on tv and here about it from your friends and neighbors.  

Amazon carries several varieties of Ifetch toys for our dogs for all sizes of dogs


For small to medium size dogs.


The  Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy?ifetch

Uses the power of gravity to provide your dog with endless entertainment.  If is portable and uses no batteries or power source. It’s completely dog powered. Your pet  can use it anywhere, anytime. It’s a great way for your pet  to stay active and entertained, even when you are away.


SmartPult, the World’s First App-Enabled Remote and Programmable Ball Launcher ifetch

This toy  dispenses treats and rewards your pet for a job well done.  Balls are 2in diameter designed for small and medium sized pets  It carries 5 balls and can launch from  9 to 27 feet.    Control Smartpult  by  phone from a  distance or set it up for auto play.   Your pet can play inside the home or outdoors, so no matter the weather your dog can have lots of fun activity.



For large dogs

 Interactive Ball Launcher

 Launches Standard Tennis Balls  and  is interactive with your pet and on demanifetchd  it  launch balls.  Your pets can fetch to their hearts’ content.

what are the benefits to your pet.

Ifetch  provides for our pets  healthy exercise , entertainment and keeps their minds alert.   It is also a training tool which provides reinforcement.

We all have such busy lives and every day we think about our pets and their happiness.   Therefore we feel so neglectful because we are unable to exercise our pets. Sometimes the weather stops us or we  tire out before our dogs.  They act up, how can we blame them they are home alone  lay around get board and get into things.  To get our attention they act out.   Does this sound like your pet? 

For this  dog toy and thousands of others check out amazon today, they offer the best variety, fast and most times free shipping.  Items are on sale and they are always a variety of manufactures and products to choose from.  Go here to check out all the different ifetches that amazon carries.    The selection is huge with more products available than at your local pet store.