Mountain Directory: A Guide For Truckers, RV And Motorhome Drivers

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In an attempt to make mountain driving a little safer for truckers and RV’ers, R&R Publishing Inc. has been collecting and mountain directory publishing information about mountain passes and steep grades since 1993.

The Mountain Directory Ebooks gives the locations and descriptions of over 700 mountain passes and steep grades in 22 states.  It tells truckers, rv, and motor home drivers where steep grades are, how long and steep they are. In addition if the roads have two lane, three lane, or four lane.    It will provide information about  escape ramps, switchbacks, sharp curves, speed limits, etc.

This information is important to plan ahead therefore to be able to make informed decision about whether to go over or around.  Knowing what lies ahead is half the battle.

The printed versions of the Mountain Directory books had almost 240 pages of text and color relief maps. All 240 pages are no available to download.  Nothing is missing   In the ebook version  click  on the yellow triangles and the text appears that describes that location.


Mountain directory-Hands down this information could save your life. 


mountain directory There is an old saying among over-the-road truckers. “There are two kinds of drivers — those who’ve been in trouble on a mountain grade, and those who will be.” Unfortunately, this also applies to many RVers.

Imagine yourself descending a mountain grade in your RV. You didn’t know there was such a long, steep grade on this highway. What a surprise! And things are not going well. The engine is not holding back all of this weight, the brakes are smelling hot or even smoking, you’re pushing harder on the brake pedal but your speed keeps increasing. Your thinking what are my options.  “I’ve got to do something,” you say “or I’m not going to make it.”




Mountain directoryDuring the last few years we have heard many stories about very expensive repairs to drive train components. Sometimes rigs are lost entirely. A highway patrol officer in Oregon told us that in the summer an average of one motorhome per week burns to the ground while trying to climb Cabbage Hill on I-84 east of Pendleton. If a fire starts, the nearest fire department is likely to be many miles away. By the time they arrive, there is nothing left to do but hose down the ashes.

With the Mountain directory you can be prepared so this does not happen to you.



Introducing the Mountain Directory Ebooks!


Travel with safety – safety from knowledge and information about navigating through the Mountain Grades and Terrain.