Quilling to your style


Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. Wikipedia .  You will be able to Quill to your style.  Weather you do simple designs or masterpieces.   Purchase  your supplies, books and tools at remarkable saving here at  amazon.

The process has remained very much the same.  However, quilling designs and specialty supplies have definitely caught up to the 21st century.  Today this hobby has become so popular and there are many art forms.  There are many choices you can make  beautiful masterpieces, jewelry, 3 d figurines, and cards.  In addition today some aficionados focus on making incredibly detailed 3-D figures.  While others favor wall-sized museum installations.


Quilling is not a new form of arts it has a history.  It has been practiced for centuries. You will find quilling  art pieces display in museums made with gold.




The short list of necessities includes strips of lightweight paper, glue, and a tool with which to roll the paper — that’s it!  Cut your own practice strips from a sheet of ordinary computer paper, using a paper cutter as demonstrated in this video.

What I like to use is  this automatic paper cutter.  You can find all kinds of papers to use.  You can even make your own paper.  The possibilities are unlimited.




Amazon has all the paper, tools, books and kits for you to get started today.  You will be able to make your own jewelry, cards and masterpieces.



Amazon carries a huge variety of paper color and sizes all ready cut.  You can purchase separate colors or quillingides  multicolor paper strips.  You can even purchase specialty paper in glitters and patterns.  




Quilling can be so relaxing and allow you to unwind and be creative.  We all have our special way that we are able to calm our selves and ease our mind.  For those of you have that have a creative side your canvas is unlimited.  Here are a few master pieces, jewelry and cards that exemplify what ever your style is.   However there is a need for patience.   I can almost predict you’ll find quilling to be creatively satisfying and fun

Let your imagination run weather you want to do basic design or master pieces take a look at some of the art that you can create.  quilling  quillingh quilling quilling quilling quilling

Even better, there’s probably no need to shop for supplies before you try quilling, as a bamboo skewer, round toothpick, or even a cake tester from your kitchen drawer can serve as a substitute tool.  If you find that you enjoy this creative form of art amazon has every thing you need in the form of tools, supplies, kits and books.   With prices and sales you wont believe.   It is unlimited what they have to offer take a look at some of them here.

Quilling books 

Amazon has a huge selection of books available on quilling for every style check these books out.  quillingquillingquilling



In addition to books you will find a huge selection of tools and kits.


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