An alternative to building your own tiny house is to start with an unfinished pre-built shed shell. Buildings like these line-up along side the highway in your community, outside  local home improvement store, or even inside your local Costco and online here at amazon at the best price.

Typically these pre-built unfinished buildings are sold as sheds, but some  with the right kind of windows & doors and sized appropriately are used as homes.


  • Cost –Pre-built shell  cost less  because professional shed builders pay wholesale prices for their materials and build them efficiently.
  • Financing – Pre-built shells offer financing and others obtain personal loans.
  • Speed to Completion – Complete shell take less time to build however remember the shell is only on part of the work needed.
  • Warranty – If you build something yourself, you have no warranty.


  • Disadvantages

  • Aesthetics – There are fewer choices in the style & color with pre-built shells than with custom designs.
  • Quality –  Some times the quality is poorer as it depends on the builder.  It is important to always inspect materials and construction.
  • Strength – The sturdiness of structure may vary depending on the materials provided in the pre built kit from the vendor.
  • Mobility – Some tiny home are mobile so it is important that materials and design will meet the requirements for travel, and weather.  So if your intention is to be mobile, take care when you select your pre-built shell.

Pre-built sheds are an option for some future tiny homeowners.  The kits are easy to assemble and are cost effective.

Always look into the legal limitations and allowances for using these tiny structures as dwellings in your area.  Compare products in your area to get the best quality and deals.


Construction Details to Consider


Wall and floor framing, type of insulation needed.

In addition to sheeting for roofs, floors and walls option for exterior sheeting, wraps and felts.

  • select finish for roofs floors and walls.
  • Upgrade windows to meet standards.
  • The number of fire exist need to meet local codes.

Here are three sheds see options below 


 Somerset Wooden Storage Shed, 10 by 14-Feet   




 Columbia Wooden Storage Shed with Floor, 12 by 16-Feet  





 Columbia Wooden Storage Shed, 12 by 24-Feet 



Should I Build or Buy My Tiny House?

It is exciting to buy or draw up the plans of your tiny house. However, it is equally important that you don’t get caught up in the excitement and forget about the serious consequences your decision can have. You should remember that it is a house that you are building. 




Make sure that you check out different resources to ensure you make good solid decisions.


Draw up a list of features before you shop. You will  have  a better idea before you have your construction plans done so you will get exactly what you want.


Framing Plans

Framing plans help in the construction of a house that is structurally sound and fit for travelling.


Exact Specifications and Precise Diagrams

Once you have made up your mind on what to expect from your tiny house, then you will need to decide the size of your home.  Your drawing and diagram plans should be precisely detailed and labeled with exact measurements


Materials List

Because you are designing it your self you will need to decide  what material you will need to purchase and make a list.


cost and skill required


Building a tiny home is an investment, so is important that you have an approximate idea of the time, money, and skill that you need.




If your plan includes having water and electricity you will need to have them  planned out before you start building.

Next, give an once-over to your tiny house plan with a fine-tooth comb. Look out for the things that you don’t understand. Ensure that all the items mentioned on the list of materials are easily available. Implement all changes that may be necessary and have a clear understanding of the implications of making such changes.

Should I Build or Buy My Tiny House ?

 With the confidence that everything is just the way you want them to be, you can finally get started on building your own tiny home!

this advice has been provided by Le Toi

To keep that dream alive and to purchase a shed to get started go here for the best deals.