Trailer hitch lock

TRAILER HITCH LOCK is a great way to protect your  trailer from being stolen.  I know of a family that saved up to purchase just a small little travel trailer.  They usually stored it at a friends home when not in use.  It was in the back yard away from visual traffic.  One day they went to get their trailer only to find it gone.  Luckily it had insurance on it, but they had gotten such a good deal the first time there was no way they were going to be able to replace it.

I belong to a vintage rv group we have such a blast meeting together and sharing our lives and things we have been doing throughout the year and what adventures we have been having.  I would be at a loss if someone stole my trailer either from my home or out when I am on the road.




We look forward to going camping, exploring the open roads.  Weather you are on your vacation or retired.  It is up to you to keep your trailer safe from thieves.  Do not let your adventure  be destroyed because some one has stolen your trailer.  Keep it safe with a lock.

We all have active lives we enjoy atvs, dune buggies, sail boats,and motor boats  We hall these behind our vehicles on tow trailers.  With the trailer hitch lock you will be able to  get all your trailer hitch locks keyed alike.




trailer trailer


There are many locks out there to prevent theft.  This lock is heavy duty and strong and the reviews are all positive.Therefore if you have an active life and enjoy the great out doors you will want to order locks for all your trailers and be able to have them keyed alike.

Master Lock 377KA Universal Coupler Lock


trailerFits 1-7/8 inch (48mm), 2 inch (51mm) and most 2-5/16 inch (59mm) trailer couplers

It has an advance locking mechanisim which resist  picking and prying

Installation and removal is easy

Resists rust and corrosion

You will be able to get multiple trailer hitch locks keyed alive.

Here are a few testimonies to this lock.


ByJason Axleyon

So, I just found out that some idiot tried to hammer, pry, and force this lock off my trailer. The good news is that it held up well to what appears to have been a few blows from a large hammer or possibly sledge and attempts to pry it off with a pry bar of some sort. They tried to force the lock cylinder to rotate by jamming something inside and were also unsuccessful.



I really like the Master Lock 377KA Universal Coupler Lock. It is SOLID, I don’t think you could break it off with a sledge hammer. It has a really good quality chromed finish and the key lock is easy to use and locked sideways so it doesn’t let the water lay in the tumblers.

review this video to see how difficult it is to  pick this lock.


Make sure your property is safe and secure.





This little trailer is light weight and can be towed by a small car check it out at   and make sure you get a trailer lock for it.

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