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Eric told me he and his wife haven’t been on a vacation together for more than 4 years. Over a cup of coffee, he was explaining, or should I say making excuses, why he couldn’t take his wife on a romantic holiday.

Eric’s situation makes me angry because I know and practice   little known secrets.  

I can  travel, take vacations and get airline tickets for practically nothing, almost free!

Now, you also have access to same secrets, tricks and strategies which  I use to get free travel.

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Lets separate fact from fiction.

The public is unclear about how the airline industry works and thinks. So the simple fact is, we are duped by the slick advertising campaigns the airlines pitch to us.

We believe the myths they shove at us and it costs us hundreds of dollars!

For instance, here are some myths the airlines want you to believe:

  Myth: the cheapest air fares are found online.

  Truth: Wrong. Many wholesale airline contracts prohibit use of a website.  Therefore when you search  Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity and the like, you don’t see all the  discount fares that are available.

  Myth: when you buy your ticket direct from an airline you will get you a good deal.

  Truth: Wrong again. You just eliminated the possibility of buying a special kind of airline ticket, which is almost always cheaper than anything the airlines offer. FYI, the cheapest airfares are sold only by travel agencies.

  Myth: The airlines sell off unsold seats cheap at the last minute.

  Truth: This myth can cost you big time or the cancellation of your plans if you’re not willing to pay the exorbitant price the airlines want to extort from you.

why not fly for freewhy not fly for free

Airline Executive Reveals Prices…

A revealing interview with an airline executive explains in layman’s terms the complex system the airlines use to determine the price they charge the public.

He provides advice how  to consistently purchase airline tickets at rock bottom prices.

This information is not available anywhere I know of. It’s probably the first time a top airline official has revealed the inner workings of the industry.

Travel Agent tells his secrets

  secrets the airlines DON’T want you to know

    how your kids fly for free

   strategy used to get free airline tickets

    how you can save up to 70% on First or Business Class

    to fly anywhere in the world, only pay the ticket’s tax

   how to take a vacation free, including airline tickets and hotel

    the truth about last minute airfares

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Answers to these top questions will be answered In addition to how to fly for free practically ,  how to travel on a shoestring budget and what is the way to get cheap airline tickets.   He will open his ‘little black book‘ and reveal the phone numbers of the consolidators who sell the cheapest airline tickets!

You will receive a list of his favorite consolidators!  Some of these phone numbers are unpublished toll free numbers and aren’t available to the public.

Most of all use this list over and over and save thousands of dollars over time! Because this is not a one time deal which saves you time after time.

How much you travel, and with such savings how many more vacation trips will you be able to afford .  So you canl save hundreds of dollars on just one airline ticket!

With a list of 17 Airline Consolidators, practically unknown to the public, you’ll realize incredible savings on each ticket purchased.

ATTENTION:. You cannot get this list anywhere on the web, no one has it.

So if you are tired of high air and travel cost and also want to save money now.  Check this book out and if your not satisfied your money will be refunded .  As a result you will be planning you vacation tomorrow.  So don’t hesitate do it now.

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why not fly for free