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wrist wallet a smart and safe way to carry cash, credit cards,cell phone and other personal items. wrist wallet


Why a wrist wallet is so important for you everyday life schedule and for travel.   When we are out shopping at the department store, market , or traveling are we safe.  We may be putting ourselves at risk.  When you are out in public or taking a walk on the beach by yourself how do you carry your personal items, such as keys, money, credit cards.   Are you at risk  to have our purse and wallets stolen?

wrist walletwrist walletwrist wallet




We all lead busy lives and sometimes are unable to be be cautious and safety minded.   We multi-task carry our shopping bags, purses, children and try to watch out after our selves.    How easy it is for someone to approach us and take our purses.  Sometimes we leave them in the grocery carts and drift over away from the cart for just a minute as it is difficult to push the cart down busy isles or we leave them in our vehicle while we are out site seeing.

rwrist walletwrist walletwrist wallet wrist wallet

How many purses would you imagine get stolen every day.  Do you know what to do if your purse or wallet is stolen.  I was surprised how much work it is to follow up with when this happens.  This is one of many article found on the web .

This is what you need to do right now if your wallet was stolen

First, confirm that it really gone.     

Report the theft to the police. Not because they can find it, but because you’re going to need that case number. A thief could commit a crime and drop your stuff, including your ID, at the scene. If your identity is stolen, a police report provides evidence in your favor.wrist wallet

Have your mobile phone company reset your missing phone to factory settings. Change passwords, just in case.

Call the issuers of your credit and debit cards to report them stolen. That’s different than canceling them, which could affect your credit report. Have compromised accounts closed.

Contact your state’s motor vehicles department to report your license stolen.

Especially now, keep an eye on credit card statements, bank accounts and credit score.

Start the ongoing work of contacting all companies and utilities that access your now-closed cards for automatic payment.

 Provided by Cheryl Stritzel McCarthy a freelance writer.

The cost really adds up, how much does it cost to replace your drivers license, how much time is involved with reporting and replacing your credit cards.


I feel safer with my wrist wallet I am able to carry all I need safely while I am out shopping, traveling, going for a walk.  There are several types and styles at Amazon and of course ship out right away and with free shipping.



wrist wallet


Here are a few reviews from others who purchased this product.

I’m glad I took a chance and purchased this model.  This one is larger but not so large it looks ridiculous or noticeable. You can easily fit keys, driver’s license, bus pass, money in here with no issues.

I plan to use mine at night while walking when all I need is a key. But, I also purchased this for when I travel.

wrist wallet

Amazon carries several designs that surely will meet your needs check them out here.


wrist wallet wrist walletwrist wallet